Nano Fino Portfolio

Graphics, UI & UX Designer

My name is Hernan Fino, but everybody calls me Nano (you can too).

I'm a graphic designer dedicated to User Experience Design, mostly on the IT field, designing whole experiences, interfaces and interactions.

As I feel the design, function overcomes aesthetic, but both are importants, after all a beautiful interface generates positive feelings toward the product, and makes the user work comfortable that is a part of the process for making an understandable user interface and experience, or easy-to-read and rememorable visual object.


WhereAmI 2013

This is a project I've made for fun and yo be considered in jobs' applications. The idea is simple, just to track where you have been, and share it with your friends.

As silly it may seems, I was looking to present a fancy and easy- to-use interface to show my skills, from idea to final product, including UX conception, design and HTML/CSS/JS coding.

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SE Manager 2010

Masive SMS and E-mail sender. Manage lists and categories of customers with an e-mail address and a cellphone number associated and send them a message throught those contact ways.

This webapp was started as the first Nihue company product, since all the others projects were started for customers requests. As the company got others works, we were unable to finish it.

As it's under development, there is no link available to refer to.

Audit of expenses 2010

Application made for internal use, running on a local server.

Developed for a special customer with a developer partner. We made a complete analysis of the needs, based on the workflow of the institution that can't have major changes. After that, in close contact with the customer, we came up with this approach that is already in use.

As it's an internal webapp, there is no link available to refer to.


Agrosistemas 2011

Website for a IT company dedicated to develop farming management systems, based on it's corporate identity. Includes the back-end user experience development with a PHP developer.

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Nihue 2010

I'm part of a small group of developers that in 2010 decided to start a company of applications and website development called NIHUE. This is its company and products website.

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Ninatec 2007

I've been working in Ninatec since 2006 as Senior Graphic Designer. As this IT company grew, I turned up as Head of Graphic Design Department, and Senior UX Designer Analist. In mid 2007 I redesigned the company website. Since then, it was changed and updated by me and others company's designers.

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Patrimonio Arquitectónico Marplatense 2008

Website that host a non-profit arquitechtonical research about houses of the beggining of the 20th century in my city, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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Icons for websites & webapps

Ninatec Produtcs 2010 - 2012

Although I have been working in Ninatec since 2006, this icons' selection goes from 2010 until today. These icons are specially made for new differents projects that are being under development.


Football Brain 2010

Football pronostics web game.

Nihue 2010

Small web apps and sites developer company.

Nanex 2010

Webapp for accountants.

nList 2010

Mobile app for creating all kinds of list.

SE Manager 2010

Masive SMS and E-mail sender webapp.

Dating Coach 2009

Website for psicologic consulting for dating.

Sensual Coach 2009

Website for sexology consulting.

Playa Dorada Camping 2006

Campsite in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Donatello 2007

Access registration software.


Ninatec 2007 - 2011

Argentinian legal invoices and product licence made at Ninatec.

Editorial Drakul 2009

Have made several editorial works for this spanish small press. Between them you could find: "Nightmare Alley", "Nadad libres" and the graphic novel I draw "Dos, Primeros Síntomas". Here is shown the poster for a comic book contest call "2º Premio Drakul de Comic".

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Comic Books

Dos, Primeros Síntomas 2009

I'm also a comic book artist. My first work on the comic books art field that saw the light. This graphic novel was made with writer David Braña. Published by Editorial Drakul, back in 2009.

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